On the eve of december 31, 1994 a solid movement of indigenous people errupted in one of the most remote and forgotten places in southern Mexico.
it championed the cry: “everything for everybody!”

at a time when America was amending its neighboring countries (Mexico and Canada) with its avarice NAFTA (north american free trade agreement)
scheme. The EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) vowed to change the global state of mind by appointing themselves as the force of equality
for the excluded millions.
This is where nsrgnts materialized. Triggered by this force, we have chosen to engage is this journey and transform our current reality. We see how
limitations have plagued our communities for generations. We have also realized that deep within those limitations, there is an explosive spark of possibilities.
This is the place where many before us have harnessed their potential.

  We are in the right place and at the right time. combining traditional art, ancient provebs, urban culture and oral tradition, we thread our story.

as nsrgnts we strive to produce products that can positively contribute to the collective heart and mind. lets set the standards high so good things can be brought
home, where-ever home may be.

  Take a stance! Create change, Build with love! Be all possibility!  

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